Identity Protocol


MDIP is a set of interoperable and open source software tools implementing a Multi-Dimensional credentialing scheme, allowing users to safely and securely authenticate themselves as privacy-preserving as the situation requires. Users receive digitally signed attestations or claims from trusted attestors, after which the user can selectively disclose attributes to others. Using the issuer's digital signature over the hashed documents provided, 3rd parties can easily verify that the credentials were given to the user in the past, and that they have not been modified since. An identity shard is a statement or property about a person, such as "I am over 18 years old" or "my name is Satoshi Nakamoto". 

These identity shards are grouped together in a credential. In a multi-dimensional based credential scheme such as MDIP, such credentials can be verified for a user by a trusted party called the Attestor. This Attestor in the MDIP ecosystem creates a digital signature over the credential hash and its containing identiy shards using its private key.



The [KEYCHAIN] codebase is completely open-source and available for use by anyone. We not only allow but encourage developers and teams to collaboratively work on this project with us.